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Discovery Magazine

Discovery Magazine

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Digital Discovery


You don’t have to fly to enjoy Asia’s premier travel and lifestyle magazine. Discovery, a feature of Cathay Pacific flights since 1970, is now part of the digital age in the shape of an exclusive iPad app.

The app, an innovative mix of videos, slideshows and enhanced content from the print magazine, is a winner of a Gold award at the 2014 Asian Publishing Awards.

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Inflight Magazines



Generations of flyers have read and enjoyed Discovery, the monthly magazine that appears on all Cathay Pacific flights. A bold redesign in 2015 unveils a new line-up of writers and photographers offering a new and highly curated view of the travel, lifestyle, food, brands and adventure.

Discover the Shop

Discover the Shop

The inflight shopping catalogue available on all Cathay Pacific flights offers a wide range of duty-free items, from big-brand beauty products and designer accessories to the latest travel gadgets and finest liquors – there's always something for everyone. We collaborate with premium brands to come up with new and exclusive items that are only available on Cathay Pacific flights. And you don’t have to be on board to browse these great deals. Check out the latest offers on our website and place your order now, and we can deliver items to you on your next flight with us, or right to your doorstep. Inflight shopping has never been so convenient.

Magazines and newspapers

On a single day, Cathay Pacific carries more than 140 different newspaper titles from around the world, and over 180 different weekly and monthly magazines. 

Note : Upon request, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post is available in Braille for visually-impaired passengers. Kindly reserve one week before date of departure.