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Travel Advisories

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Things to Do

  • Ching Ming 1st Street
  • Feng Le Sculpture Park & Lakeside Tea & Shopping Street
  • Taichung Folk Park
  • Pao Chueh Temple
  • Taiwan Museum of Art
  • Art Street
  • National Museum of Natural Science
  • Da Keng
  • Fin Ga's Base Camp
  • Wu Wei Tsao Tang Teahouse
  • Chung Hao Night Market
  • Shantung Dumplings & Beef Noodles
  • Smooth Bar & Grill
  • Londoner
  • Fu Won Hotel
  • Evergreen Laurel Hotel

Travel Facts

Language(s) Mandarin
Population 1021292
Currency New Taiwan Dollar TWD
Electricity 110V
Mobile Phone Network country dialling code: 886


Source from Hong Kong Observatory