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About Karachi


Karachi - Jinnah International Airport

Check-in Counter

International Terminal Building, counters 21-24 / 30-31
(Check-in counters are closed punctually 40 minutes before scheduled departure time)


CIP Lounge

Location: Airside
Opening Hours: Daily: 24 Hours

Satellite Lounge

Location: Airside
Opening Hours: Daily: 24 Hours

Airport Facilities

For further information, click on the website of Jinnah International Airport.


Visa not required if you're not getting out of the airport.

Airport Transfer

Bus: PKR 40-50
Taxi: PKR 800-1000
(16km / 10 miles)

Airport Taxes

First Class: PKR 2000
Business Class: PKR 2000
Economy Class: PKR 1000
All Classes: PKR 300 per sector

Customs Allowance

Tobacco Products: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 500g tobacco

Alcoholic Beverages: No alcohol can be imported.

Others: 250ml of eau-de-toilette and perfume. All plants, fruits and pornographic materials are prohibited.