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About Doha


Check-in Counter

Level 2 Departure, Row 7

Opening hours 
3 hours prior to scheduled departure time 

(Check-in will be closed 60 minutes to scheduled departure time.)

For codeshare flights operated by Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways Check-in counter closing time:

  • 60 minutes prior to departure for Economy Class
  • 45 minutes prior to departure for Business Class.





Al Mourjan Lounge

Airport Facilities

For further information, visit the website of Hamad International Airport

Airport Transfer

To city centre
Metered Taxi: QAR50-55 (15-20 km/ 24-32 miles)

Airport Taxes

Airport Departure Tax: QAR40

Airport Service Tax: QAR10
Included in price of airline ticket.

Customs Allowance

Tobacco Products: 400 cigarettes

Alcoholic Beverages: not to be imported under any condition