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The Club membership tiers

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Changes to the Marco Polo Club will be introduced on 15 April 2016

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The Marco Polo Club Tiers

The Marco Polo Club is an exclusive loyalty programme that offers a range of privileges to our most frequent flyers, all designed to enhance your journey before, during and after your flight.

The Marco Polo Club has four tiers - Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Green tier is the entry level for The Marco Polo Club. As a member, every flight you take with Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, or any oneworld® alliance airlines in eligible fare classes, contributes towards your membership status.

The chart below indicates the Club miles and Club sectors (including a minimum of one eligible sector on Cathay Pacific or Dragonair) required to renew or upgrade tiers within a membership year.

Membership tier Club miles Club sectors oneworld Membership tier
Diamond 120,000 80 Emerald
Gold 60,000 40 Sapphire
Silver 30,000 20 Ruby
Green N/A 4 (renewal only) N/A

A membership year lasts 12 months from the date you have enrolled, renewed, upgraded or downgraded into your current tier. Upon renewal, upgrade or downgrade, your Club miles and Club sectors will automatically be reset to zero and a new membership year begins.

Upgrades occur as soon as you accrue enough Club miles or Club sectors to enter next Club tier threshold within a membership year. As multiple Club tier upgrades are not allowed, you can only progress one Club tier at a time.

Club miles and Club sectors

Flying in eligible fare classes with Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or any of the oneworld alliance airlines earns you Club miles and Club sectors. The higher the fare class, the more Club miles and Club sectors you will be awarded.

How can I earn Club miles and Club sectors?

Club miles and Club sectors are the fairest way to calculate your eligibility to top-tier status of The Marco Polo Club. They are automatically tracked for every qualifying flight. Either Club miles or Club sectors count towards your membership renewal or upgrade, but not a combination of the two.

When you fly in eligible fare classes
with Cathay Pacific or Dragonair
You can earn Club miles and Club sectors
(% of actual miles or sectors flown)
First Class F, A 150% or 1.5
Business Class C, J, D, I 125% or 1.25
Premium Economy Class W, R, E
110% or 1.1
Economy Class Y, B, H, K, M, L, V 100% or 1

NB: Terms and Conditions apply.

For example, if you fly long-haul on a regular basis, you are more likely to qualify through Club miles. If you undertake frequent short trips, then Club sectors are the best way for you to qualify for top-tier status.