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Inflight Safety

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Safety – Our Number-One Priority

It is a legal requirement that you follow the instruction of our crew at all times. The following advice will help ensure your safety throughout the flight.

Cabin Baggage: Your Responsibility

Cathay Pacific takes the safety of our passengers and crew seriously. Due to Occupational Health & Safety regulations, cabin crew are encouraged not to lift or carry passengers’ cabin baggage. Passengers are recommended to check in any cabin bags that they would not be able to lift into the overhead compartments. Any cabin baggage in excess of the allowable size or weight limits will be loaded with checked baggage. Where possible, our cabin crew will assist passengers with disability, those who are frail or infirm, the elderly, minors travelling alone and passengers travelling with infants or small children.

Please take care when opening and closing the overhead compartment to ensure that items inside do not fall out. Please close the compartment after use.

Aircraft coat closets are designed for the stowage of coats, jackets and coat hangers only. Passengers’ cabin bags cannot be stowed in these areas.

Electronic Devices on Board

Certain electronic devices must not be used on the aircraft at any time (i.e. transmitting or wireless-enabled devices such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and remote controlled products). These devices can interfere with aircraft navigation, communications and control systems. Electronic devices such as computer equipment (e.g. laptops and PDAs), audio/video equipment (e.g. CDs, MDs, MP3s, ipods, DVDs, VCDs, CD-ROMs), photographic equipment (e.g. camcorders and digital cameras) and other devices with their wireless function disabled may be used after take-off, when the Cabin Crew inform you that it is safe to switch them on. They can remain on until the seatbelt sign is turned on for landing.

Mobile phones must be switched off from the time the cabin doors are closed for departure until after landing. The Cabin Crew will then advise you when you can switch them on again. Some electronic devices such as mobile phones and iphones may be used if the phone function is switched off and the device is in ‘Flight Safe mode’ with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions disabled.

Alcohol Consumption on Board

Alcohol will not be served to passengers under 18 years of age. Consumption of alcoholic beverages brought from outside the aircraft or purchased onboard is against our company policy. We serve inflight complimentary drinks but we reserve the right to not to serve alcoholic drinks if the situation so warrants.

Other Important Reminders

  • Sharps boxes are provided inflight for disposal of syringes. Please ask our crew for assistance.
  • The use of devices that affect or restrict the functionality of any aircraft product onboard is strictly prohibited
  • All Cathay Pacific flights are NON SMOKING flights. The toilets have smoke detectors installed. Smoking (including e-cigarettes and any other simulated smoking materials) or tampering with these detectors is an offence and can incur a fine of up to HK$50,000 and a maximum of two years imprisonment.

    Electrical cigarettes or any other simulated smoking devices are prohibited to be used on board.

Disruptive, Unruly And Dangerous Behaviour

Cathay Pacific has a “Zero Tolerance” policy towards unruly behaviour onboard. Offenders are subject to prosecution. All Cathay Pacific flights are governed by the Laws of Hong Kong. Offences include any person onboard an aircraft who:

  • wilfully obstructs a member of the crew of the aircraft in the performance of their duties.
  • without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with any instruction given by the crew for the purposes of protecting the safety of the aircraft, people or equipment onboard, or maintaining good order and discipline.
  • behaves in a disorderly manner.
  • tampers or interferes with any component, apparatus or system onboard. This includes smoke detectors.
  • embarks on an aircraft whilst intoxicated or becomes intoxicated onboard an aircraft.
  • smokes on the aircraft at any time.
  • operates an electronic device when it is prohibited, or when instructed by the crew not to do so.

If, in Cathay Pacific’s view, any person onboard an aircraft has engaged in disruptive, unruly or dangerous behaviour, Cathay Pacific reserves the right to take all necessary actions to ensure the safety, well-being, and comfort of our passengers and crew. Such actions include, but are not limited to:

  • refusing to serve alcoholic drinks to the person;
  • confiscating the persons’ alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and other contraband;
  • restricting the persons’ movement in the aircraft;
  • making the person exit the aircraft if the aircraft is on ground;
  • refusing to carry the person on the remaining sectors of their journey shown on the ticket without compensation;
  • banning the person from future travel on Cathay Pacific, including revocation of loyalty programme membership without compensation;
  • reporting the person to the relevant authorities;
  • assisting the relevant authorities in any investigation and /or prosecution of the person.

If, in Cathay Pacific’s view and as a result of the persons’ behaviour, Cathay Pacific must divert the aircraft to an unscheduled place of destination, the person will be responsible for all actual and consequential costs associated with the diversion.