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Special Assistance

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We strive to make your travel with Cathay Pacific Airways as safe and comfortable as possible. We recognise that there are times where you may need special assistance. The information in this section explains the services we are able to provide. 

Just Let Us Know
In order to provide you with the best possible service, we recommend you let us know as far in advance as possible about any special requirements. The more information we have regarding the assistance you may require, the better we can prepare to meet your needs during your trip. 

Please note we require at least 72 hours advance notice to arrange for:

  •  Inflight Oxygen

 AND 48 hours advance notice if you wish to:

  • Use any medical portable electronic device including POC, CPAP machine, Respirator or Ventilator inflight.*
  • Travel in a stretcher.
  • Travel with a group of ten or more people with disabilities.
  • Travel with a service dog on a flight segment scheduled to take 8 hours or more.

For further information, please refer to the relevant sections on our website for specific details and contact your local Reservations office or Travel Agents and inform them of any special requirements you may have.

* Please note that for safety reasons, passengers will not be permitted to connect any critical medical portable electronic devices such as POC, Ventilator, Respirator, Incubator or Defibrillator to the inflight laptop power and must instead supply their own power in accordance with all applicable regulations. In order to use critical medical portable electronic devices in flight, passengers must bring with them enough batteries to power the device for 150% of the expected maximum flight duration. All non critical medical portable electronic devices such as CPAP machines, nebulisers, HR/BP monitors, syringe/feeding pumps and suction units can either be connected to the inflight laptop power 110Vac outlets (where available) or be self powered in accordance with all applicable regulations. If you are planning to travel with a medical electronic device in the aircraft cabin, please contact our local Reservations office in advance for additional information and refer here for more detailed information. Please note that aircraft in-seat electrical power is not guaranteed to be available or operative on all flights. Cathay Pacific Airlines is not liable for any injury or harm to the passenger caused by a passenger attempting to use the power supplies for medical portable electronic devices or by the failure of onboard power supplies.  Passengers use power supplies at their own risk.